Falls are NOT a normal part of aging and effect all of us

Learn the warning signs and simple steps you can take to greatly reduce your risk.

The book is not the typical “fall prevention” book, but instead is presented in a style that is easy to follow, humorous, and relatable to your everyday life. In other words, it’s written in the language of “people-ease.”

Over 20 years of clinical experience as a licensed physical therapist, scientific research, and personal insights have allowed me to share some of the fastest and most effective ways reduce your risk of falling. They have helped countless clients and I believe they will help you too.

Throughout the book, I share several of the “fall risk” warning signs and ways they can quickly be addressed. In addition, I debunk many of the common myths associated with falling, such as “falls are a normal part of aging,” or “falls are not preventable.”

Helpful tips on how to perform many of your daily activities are also provided, such as how to safely get yourself up and down from the floor, negotiate stairs and in and out of cars.

So, I encourage you to start taking preventative action today to reduce your risk of falling tomorrow.


Chris Tolos, otherwise known as “Chris the PT” was raised in a family of professional wrestlers. Both his father and uncle were in the profession, and when he turned 18 he made the decision to follow in their footsteps. You can just imagine how proud his mom was, NOT!

After training for a short period of time, he decided it was not for him, as he preferred helping people versus body slamming them. As a result, he changed course and became a physical therapist. He has been a practicing PT now for over 20 years, in addition to being a personal trainer and holding advanced certificates in fall prevention, senior fitness and corrective exercise techniques. 

He has always had an interest in why people fall and what can be done to prevent them from happening.

“If my husband and I had read this book before July 7th, 2022, we may have prevented a severe fall in our kitchen, surgery with a rod and pins in his left leg, many months in the hospital from July 7th until September 9th, followed by PT and OT at home for six weeks. This book is easy to read with humor sprinkled into a serious subject. We learned a lot to further protect us from another fall. The illustrations were easy to understand. Thank you for writing this book of help for all ages, especially for seniors.

Dot L, FL

“I loved all the real life stories and illustrations that made the book so fun and easy to read. The practical advice and tips are so helpful and I now stop and think before doing certain things that could lead to a fall.

Sandy S, CA

“I highly recommend this book. It’s for all ages because falling can be a major problem at any age. It’s an easy read. Chris, the author, uses a ton of humor and pictures to make his points. So if you want to keep from falling, read this book!”

Marty M, FL